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About Angelina

Angelina Tamasi (1912-1985)

Angelina's Restaurant was established on May 19, 1985. It was named after our dear mother Angelina (Angie) Tamasi. Angie was born on September 13, 1912 in the North End (Little Italy) of Boston, Massachusetts. Angelina's parents, Conchetta and Vincenzo Graziano, were born in Italy. Angelina worked as a cook in various restaurants throughout her life and one of them was the famous Fernwood Restaurant of Revere MA. She Graduated from a Culinary Arts school in 1931, but her wonderful cooking abilities came from her own kitchen and Italian heritage. Angie's exceptional cooking habits were greatly appreciated by her family and friends so much that most of the recipes used in Angelina's Restaurant are out of her very own kitchen.

Angelina's Restaurant is family owned and operated. We hope you enjoy our home cooked food and we thank you for your patronage.

Thank  you,

~ The Tamasi Family~

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